A Moth Eaten Musical Brocade

"You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love"
Warshan Shire


A ‘hue’-tiful color palette! (via mayo_wo on Chictopia)

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This looks like it would cost significantly more than it does. 

ASOS Biker Jacket, $85.15

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allthingseurope:Krakow, Poland (by mattrulez)

cheriskeepsakebox: OH I LOVE THIS! This is the prettiest picture EVER! This is true love here people. Not just infatuation but TRUE LOVE.

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GPOYW getting ready for the fall…

Zappos.com did a little blogger challenge to create a fall look, since there were so many options I decided to choose a theme to base my outfit around. I call this the “updated british horseback rider before afternoon cocktails” look.

Break it down: Dooney & Burke Crossbody ($116), Twist & Pull Eternity Scarf ($48), Anne Klein Knee High Boots ($179), Vivian Westwood Blouse ($107)Levis Jeans, Bedstu Tyler Belt ($35)

PS- Please vote for your favorite blogger look!

This woman. Seriously. 

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| Nottingham, England  | by Duncan~ | via allthingseurope